Two emus escape from Pennsylvania farm, one recaptured

Animal rescuers in Pennsylvania said they captured one emu that escaped from a Somerset County farm, but another of the flightless birds remains on the loose.

The Somerset County Animal Response Team, or CART, said the two emus escaped Tuesday from Chuck Newlin’s farm in Reels Corner and were spotted roaming in the Rock Cut Road area.

“We were able to locate them quickly, but containing them proved far more complicated,” CART said in a Facebook post.

CART contacted the Central City Fire Department for backup, and the group was able to use a snow fence to contain one of the emus before running out of daylight.

“We are hoping it will find its own way home if it hears its buddy calling it,” the Facebook post said.

Area residents are being asked to keep a lookout for the Australia-native bird and contact CART to report any sightings.