How Apple iPhone Can Be Used As A Spying Device

With the penetration of the internet and the popularity of gadgets like smartphones and laptops, hackers have many channels if they decide to snoop on us. However, very rarely comes up a loophole that allows an average user like you and I to also potentially snoop on people. Such a feature has been discovered in the Apple iPhone by a TikTok creator. The iPhone’s Live Listen feature, according to Dalilamouhib (TikTok user), allows users to sneakily hear what people are saying from a substantial distance.

The TikTok creator shared a clip on the short video platform, saying “You can hear everything, everything through your AirPods.” She said that user can turn on the Live Listen feature, leave their smartphone in any room, and hear everything that people in that room are talking about. “It’s totally a secret and they don’t know about it,” Dalilamouhib said. in her video. This, turns out, is true. Apple’s Live Listen feature allows users to use their Apple iPhone as a microphone to secretly listen to conversations while being in another room via Live Listen feature.

Apple, in its website, says that the Live Listen feature has been designed to help users hear a conversation in a noisy area or even hear someone speaking across the room.


The Live Listen feature can be accessed from the Control Center of every Apple iPhone. First, you have to add Live Listen to the Control Center. Follow the given steps to do it:

Go to Settings > Control Center

Scroll down and tap the Add button next to the Hearing button that shows an ear.

Tap Settings to save the changes.

To use Live Listen, go back to Control Center

Tap the Hearing button that shows an ear

Tap Live Listen

Place your device in front of the person that you want to hear.

Now, in order to hear people clearly, place the iPhone in front of the concerned person. Your iPhone needs to be running at least on iOS 14.3 in order to use the Live Listen feature.